Calls have been made for the army to be called in to deal with a dog which has killed over 50 sheep in Co. Wexford.

James Kehoe, IFA County Chairman for Wexford, has said that there is a situation down in Stokestown, near New Ross, where there is a dog at large and attacking sheep.

“The dog is a considerable size, it looks like a cross between a German Shepherd and a greyhound.

“It’s going around in a two-to-three mile radius attacking sheep and several sheep farms have been affected.”

Farmers have tried everything to contain the dog, including trying to shoot it, to no avail.

The Wexford County Chairman said that he has contacted the Minister of State at the Department of Defence, Paul Kehoe, to see if it would be possible to get the army involved in the matter.

“If this dog is left at large, we could find ourselves in a scenario where it would be a danger for children.

“It’s the dog owners responsibility, it’s not the dogs fault, the owners are responsible for keeping the dog under supervision. It’s unfortunate when they attack.

“Several farmers have been affected and the number of sheep killed is now over 50. Others have been injured and have gone missing. Three or four farmers have been affected.

“This has been ongoing for three-to-four weeks. Farmers are going to have to impose a zero-tolerance policy on farms when it comes to stray dogs – it’s too much of an animal welfare issue for sheep.”