Waterford Ross Mart held its weekly calf sale on Saturday, May 21, with over 370 calves on offer at the Co. Wexford-based mart.

The number of calves presenting at marts in recent weeks is well ahead what has been seen around this time in previous years.

This is most likely due to the calf trade being hampered by reduced shipping, which has resulted in slightly older calves being on offer at marts across the country.

After Waterford Ross’ sale on Saturday, Agriland spoke with mart manager Richard Kirwan to garner some insight into the sale.

Speaking to Agriland, Richard said: “We had 376 calves on offer, with a better trade across the board for all types of calves.”

The sale

The shipping-type Friesian calves at the sale sold from €80 to €140, while the stronger calves made from €150 to €195.

Hereford and Angus-cross bull calves made from €120 to a top call of €460, while Hereford and Angus heifers made from €100 to a top call of €285.

Continental bull calves sold from €200 to a top price of €465 at the Co. Wexford-based mart, and the heifer calves were also in high demand with prices ranging from €190 to €415.

Commenting on the sale further, Richard said: “There was a very strong demand for the shipping-type calves on the day.

“But there was also a lot more of those stronger, farmer-type calves – which were also selling well on the day.”