Butcher lambs top out at €130/head at Kilkenny Mart – George Candler

Kilkenny Mart held its weekly sheep sale on Monday (September 7), which included lambs, cast ewes and breeding hoggets.

The mart auctioneer, George Candler, reported a bigger entry of sheep in comparison to the previous week.

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George reported a 98% clearance rate and noted a stronger trade for butcher and factory lambs.

Butcher lambs topped out at €130/head. In general, these types made from €118/head up to €130/head.

Sample butcher lamb prices: 

  • 10 lambs weighing 53kg sold for €120/head;
  • 25 lambs weighing 52kg sold for €130/head;
  • 20 lambs weighing 50kg sold for €118/head;
  • 13 lambs weighing 49kg sold for €124/head.

Factory-finished lambs were in strong demand and prices for these lots ranged from €100/head up to a tops of €121/head.

Sample factory-fit lamb prices:

  • 10 lambs weighing 47kg sold for €114/head;
  • 15 lambs weighing 45kg sold for €121/head;
  • 10 lambs weighing 44kg sold for €102/head;
  • 12 lambs weighing 43kg sold for €100/head.

Store lambs remain a good trade in Kilkenny Mart according to George. Prices on Monday last for store lambs ranged from €80/head for lambs weighing 32kg up to €95/head for lambs weighing 40kg.

Sample store lamb prices:

  • 20 lambs weighing 40kg sold for €95/head;
  • 15 lambs weighing 36kg sold for €86/head;
  • 15 lambs weighing 33kg sold for €81/head;
  • 13 lambs weighing 32kg sold for €80/head.

Cull ewes trade from €55/head for feeding ewes up to a tops of €125/head for heavy ewes.

Finally, hoggets made from €165/head up to €210/head.