As the harvest continues to be delayed, there looks to be drier weather coming towards the weekend. Large amounts of cereal crops remain to be harvested while beans, spring oilseed rape and potatoes are all on the agenda.

While some farmers have finished cutting cereal crops, many have large areas to harvest, while even more have straw sitting on wet ground.

Small amounts of work were carried out over the weekend, but tillage farmers will be hoping for a few consecutive days of dry weather to make a further dent in the workload and get the harvest of 2020 behind them and look to the future.

As time goes on crops continue to deteriorate. However, there are some good crops of later-sown spring cereals out there.

When the opportunity presents itself in this wet weather, growers may consider looking at winter barley varieties and thinking about their cropping plan for the next season.


In the first season without diquat potato, farmers are finding things challenging and the wet weather isn’t helping.

Oilseed rape

Ground conditions are an issue for all work. Some farmers hoping to get winter oilseed rape planted have been struggling to get the right establishment conditions. Farmers should bear in mind that they can persist with planting until the middle of September.

Weather outlook

Met Éireann is forecasting drier days on Wednesday and Thursday (September 8 and 9) of this week with some light rain and an odd shower in the north-west. Rain is expected on Friday but, at present, the weekend is forecast to be mainly dry.