To coincide with this year’s Agritechnica, German firm Vogelsang has unveiled its new slurry spreading product line-up, spearheaded by its BlackBird trailing shoe linkage.

According to Vogelsang, its product’s new “beak-like” shape helps to ensure a controlled and even flow of slurry through every discharge, thus preventing the crops from getting contaminated during spreading.

By actively applying pressure, the BlackBird’s pointed skid is “better able to penetrate the soil, ploughing a small furrow for directly depositing the slurry under the crops”, according to the firm.

The BlackBird incorporates the next generation of Vogelsang’s precision distributor ExaCut ECQ, located in the centre of the boom for “even and accurate” spreading, the company claims.

A large maintenance port has been added to the distributor to allow direct access to all the system’s internal components, allowing claimed maintenance times of a few minutes.

Power requirements have been reduced by up to 50%, due to the new rotor design and lower speeds.

‘Less strain’

There is less strain on the cutting blades because of the reductions in speed and the internal pressure of the distributor, which apparently extends the service life of the unit by up to 50%.

As is “standard procedure” at Vogelsang, the BlackBird’s supporting structures are FEM calculated.

This ensures that the supporting structures can withstand the daily strains they are subjected to “thus guaranteeing a long service life of the linkage”.

The trailing shoe linkage is available in working widths of 12m and 15m and can be folded up to a transport width of 2.99m.

Folding the linkage upwards activates the DropStop principle, which prevents the headlands and roads from “getting contaminated”.