Beef Plan Movement ‘to inform Tesco customers of meat margins’ in sector

The Beef Plan Movement is set to commence a campaign next weekend that aims “to inform customers in Tesco retail outlets in counties Roscommon, Sligo and Tipperary”.

On the day, the beef farmer lobby group will carry out a survey with customers at the store. It will subsequently compile the data so that members can better understand the needs of Irish consumers when it comes to beef.

A statement from the movement explained that the purpose of this weekend’s event is “for members to build up their own data on what consumers want in the shop”.

Meanwhile, Roscommon Beef Plan Movement’s Padraig O’Connor outlined: “We want to make the consumer aware that for every €10 they spend on beef: the farmer gets €2.00; the factory gets €2.90; and the retailer gets €5.10.”

The Beef Plan Movement then explained to AgriLand that it has been trying to engage with retailers in recent months “but to no avail”.

However, it did point out that recently it was contacted by one retailer that indicated its willingness to engage with proceedings.

O’Connor stressed that the group is “not trying to interfere with Tesco but to engage with consumers”.

You ask most customers in a supermarket about the four-rule movement and they won’t know what you’re talking about.

He then added that the main objective of the survey is to “give beef farmers some understanding of what the consumer really wants with regard to beef”.

Meanwhile, the movement is also calling for the price of beef to rise.

Its members say that if this happened farmers “could get back to producing top quality beef cattle”.

Surveying will begin at 11:00am and finish at 5:00pm.

Before concluding, O’Connor pointed to the importance of the survey and encouraged all consumers to engage where possible at the selected venues.