Beef Plan officially stands down from Charleville protest

The Beef Plan Movement has officially withdrawn from a protest in Charleville, Co. Cork, a representative for the farmer association has confirmed.

Beef Plan has officially stood down from the protest at Dawn Meats in Charleville, as Beef Plan peaceful protest guidelines were not observed and adhered to by some individuals who presented at the site entrance yesterday.

A spokesperson for the Beef Plan Movement has told AgriLand that protocols for a peaceful protest had been discussed and agreed with the management at the plant and had been working well.

The spokesperson for the farmer representative group told AgriLand that an incident occurred in the afternoon, which contravened those guidelines and Beef Plan was left with no option but to remove itself from the Charleville beef protest.

Gardaí and plant management have been notified, the spokesperson added.

Beef Plan responds to MII

Yesterday evening, the movement responded to statements from Meat Industry Ireland (MII) which said its businesses “have been left with no choice other than to seek legal remedy” to halt ongoing protests.

In response, Beef Plan said that it is not “prepared to accept” suspending its nationwide protests as a precondition for talks with Michael Creed, the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

The movement also said that the “threat of legal action from large wealthy international corporations does not bode well for its own corporate social responsibility and reputation”.