National beef kill rises

Last week, some 34,731 cattle were slaughtered in Irish beef processing plants – representing a rise of 2,893 head on the previous week’s kill – which witnessed a reduced kill due to the bank holiday Monday.

Some 6,200 cows were slaughtered – a jump of 79 head compared to the week before and 358 head fewer when compared to the cow kill during the same week in 2019.

The bull category witnessed an increase in throughput. Firstly, the number of young bulls bought by beef processing plants amounted to 1,409 head – a rise of 25 head, while the aged bull category increased by 50 head – up from 595 head the week before.

Total year-to-date slaughterings for young bulls and aged bulls stand at 101,760 head and 21,766 head respectively.

Another area which recorded a rise in throughput was the steer category. Last week, some 16,707 steers were slaughtered – up from 14,941 two weeks ago; this represents an increase of 1,766 head.

The steer kill is also operating above last year’s levels at 410,168 head.

Furthermore, the number of heifers slaughtered last week increased by just over 1,000 head and amounted to 9,747 head. So far this year, 328,664 heifers have been slaughtered in Irish beef processing factories.

Cumulatively, that brings the total kill for 2020 to 1,086,539 head, which represents a fall of 26,244 head.