Aurivo Co-op has revealed a new milk recording programme, a new initiative introduced to support milk recording within Aurivo’s catchment area.

This will act as an incentive for farmers looking at milk recording.

As part of the programme, Aurivo milk suppliers will receive a €5/cow support provided they complete at least four milk recordings within a calendar year.

The support will be paid in December as part of the November milk payment and will be available to all milk suppliers including farmers currently milk recording and those that will start milk recording this year.

Aurivo believes the new veterinary legislation coming into force in January 2022 relating to antibiotic usage on farm will make milk recording essential for all farms.

Speaking about the initiative, Michael O’Brien, Aurivo head of farm services, said:

“At Aurivo we believe milk recording is a vital tool in improving herd performance.

Milk recording offers huge benefits to milk suppliers and Teagasc research has shown that milk recording increases gross margin on dairy farms by €42/cow and milk yield by 406L/cow.

“We are delighted to be able to financially support our milk suppliers with milk recording, as it gives our milk suppliers vital information which will help improve the performance and profitability of their enterprise.”

Aurivo have partnered with Progressive Genetics and Munster Bovine to facilitate the programme.

Applications for the scheme must be returned by Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

Milk recording is a vital tool in improving milk supplier performance and therefore Aurivo will review uptake and support levels annually, the co-op concluded.