Over the past few years, Auctus has grown significantly in both the range of products supplied to the Irish market, but the sales volumes have increased substantially also. 2020 has been no different albeit a lot more challenging for its farming customers and agricultural retailers alike.

Auctus does not see 2021 any different in terms of the support it will be offering to its farming customers.

In fact, there may be more demands on a lot of farms and Auctus is here to help in relation to anything in the area of young animal nutrition. With this in mind, it has strengthened its team to make sure demands are met over the forthcoming calving and lambing season.

Shane Columby has joined Auctus as its business development manager in Munster and South Leinster. Shane has qualified with a degree in agricultural science and has most recently worked on a large-scale dairy farm in Saudi Arabia, namely Almarai, where they produce 1 billion litres of milk annually.

Shane was responsible for calf rearing and calf management on an extremely large scale, giving him invaluable experience and expertise in this area.

He will be responsible for supporting the agricultural retailers and farmer customers alike to ensure the best results can be achieved for the forthcoming calf-rearing and lamb-rearing season. Shane can be contacted on e-mail at: [email protected]; or mobile on: 087-4000958.

Continued growth

Auctus feels that there are a number of reasons for the continued growth, but the main reasons are:


It will only supply products that meet extremely high-quality standards. Champion Calf Milk Replacer is one product, for example, that delivers performance in terms of growth rates but is formulated with calf health to the fore.

From its own Auctus calf-rearing unit last year, average growth rates were achieved of 900g/calf/day on Friesian / Aberdeen Angus, mixed bulls and heifer calves weaned at 70 days, fed 46kg of powder over the rearing period.

Value for money

Auctus will only formulate products that will add value to the farmer, such as Calf and Lamb Superstart complementary colostrum.

It is extremely competitive in the market but insists on only using the highest quality ingredients to make sure it supplies products consistently that it can be proud of and that delivers the correct outcomes for the end users to make sure the future herd performs to their genetic potential.

Support and backup

Auctus believes the backup it provides is hugely important and never more so than this year gone by.

The service provided in relation to all aspects of young animal nutrition, calf management, husbandry, troubleshooting issues to assessing targets is a key point that farmers know that they can rely on in 2021.

It emphasises this service to all and welcomes the opportunity to help as much as possible.

Further information

For enquiries or requests, please contact Auctus on e-mail at: [email protected]; or phone: 00353-43-6683200; or online at: www.auctus.ie.

For your local business development manager, please contact: