Animal rights group protests outside Dublin butchers

The animal rights group ARAN held a demonstration outside a butcher’s shop in Dublin yesterday (Monday), highlighting the alleged inhumane conditions endured by turkeys reared on Irish farms.

The focal point of the gathering was a photograph of a turkey, christened Terry. It was unveiled outside FX Butchers in Talbot Street.

“We are committed to bringing animal cruelty to an end,” said ARAN spokesman John Carmody.

“We espouse the principles of a vegan diet. This means that we are opposed to all forms of livestock production, which includes the keeping of dairy cows for the purposes of milk production.

“The reality is that all animals kept on our farms are slaughtered, a process which is inherently cruel.”

Carmody confirmed that the vast majority of Irish farmers are inherently decent people.

“Our aim is to outlaw modern farming systems, which see animals living in over-crowded conditions. But we also recognise that it will take many years for these practises to be changed.

Carmody said that the ARAN event in Dublin was not a protest.

“Our demonstration was designed to be an event with a truly friendly atmosphere. We did not give the FX management any forewarning of our arrival. But there was no attempt made to disrupt the butchery business in any way.”

FX Butchers’ director Barry Buckley said that he had no problem with the demonstration that took place outside his Talbot Street premises.

“It was all very relaxed.

“In our own case we have two main suppliers of turkeys.

“Both are Irish and I can visit the farms of origin at any time. Demand for fresh turkeys is extremely strong this year. We recently opened new premises at Deansgrange. And we had to dedicate a staff member solely to taking orders for turkeys at the shop on Sunday past.”