Datamars Agri is a Leinster-based cattle tag supplier working with Osmonds to supply its cattle tags around the country. Its tags are also widely used in the UK, Europe and in many other countries around the world.

Datamars Agri’s fast delivery sets it apart; you can expect your order of calf tags to be dispatched in usually a week.

Meeting all official identification and BVD testing needs, Datamars’ TypiFix tissue tag is designed to allow tagging, tissue collection and sealing of the sample container in a single-step process.

Additionally, all samples can be stored at room temperature without the need for refrigeration until posting to the laboratory. Datamars also offers replacement tags and will have the tags on the way to your farm within 24 hours.

Datamars Agri has recently been approved to supply sheep tags in Ireland.

Carrying the Tagfaster brand, this is the fastest and most efficient way to apply sheep tags in Ireland today.

The fully automatic Tagfaster system allows 10 animals to be tagged with one applicator load when double identifying and 20 when identifying with a single tag.

The gun automatically releases the ear and the tag pins are covered for cleanliness and to prevent tangling in the wool.

The company will also soon be launching a new app called Tag Scan. Tag Scan is an easy solution for ordering replacement tags while out on the farm.

No need for forms or phone calls, simply scan the barcode using the app to place your order. The app can also be used to order new calf tags.

Datamars offers quality products, high retention rates and excellent customer service. Orders and enquires can be made online at:; or by phone on: 01-4594664; or by contacting your Osmonds rep.

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