Amazone recently announced the launch of its new E-Learning internet tool that is operated through the company’s website.

It says E-Learning is an interactive driver tuition system that enables the online and offline operator training of complex machinery via a PC or tablet. Amazone claims the new service provides drivers with the chance to familiarise themselves with a new machine and its operation prior to going out into the field.

However the company also stresses, that even skilled operators can refresh their knowledge for an improved exploitation of the potential of these machines with just a little investment of time.

In terms of the machines, which are compatible with the service it says initially, the service is available for Amazone EDX maize drills, UF + FT or UX sprayers, along with ZA-TS spreaders and the AMATRON 3 operator terminal.

Another benefit of the service, according to Amazone, is that it also provides potential buyers and those interested with a look into how the machine operates.

It says the online driver training includes many video clips explaining, via spoken word and simulations, the technology behind the machine. It stresses not only does it provide the driver with the technical peculiarities of the machine, but also how to initially put it into work, what has to be observed during field operation as well as how to remedy possible malfunctions.

According to Amazone with this tool, even service technicians are also able to update their knowledge prior to the initial installation.

Amazone highlights however for the optimised handling of the AMATRON 3 operator terminal, the driver can practice via an interactive screen mask, which then demonstrates the terminal together with its display and operation keys.

It cites here, not only can the basic functions of AMATRON 3 be familiarised with, but also the operation of the automatic headland and part-width section control, GPS-Switch and the parallel driving aid, GPS-Track as well. Similar to live operation, the user can understand the various operational steps with the aid of the PC mouse directly on the screen.

Amazone offers E-Learning in English, German, French and Russian languages free of charge.

E-Learning can be found on the homepage under the Service menu and then clicking on the tab E-Learning. The only precondition for the system is the latest Flash-Player version.

Image: Amazone UK