Completing a profit monitor in the Beef Technology Adoption Programme (BTAP) is key. This is according to the latest advice from Teagasc.

“For many farmers, 2013 will have been your first experience of completing a profit monitor. Make sure that you go through the profit monitor results with your advisor and hone in on the areas that you need to improve on,” it advises.

“Now is the time of year to set yourself a few targets for 2014, for example making better silage to reduce the meal bill. Can you get a n extra 10kg of live weight over the coming season on your weanlings? Or as suggested in last month’s advice, will your heifers be sufficiently well grown to bull at 15 months and valve down as two year olds?”

According to Teagasc, as with previous years, in the BTAP, farmers will have compulsory meetings to attend this year.

“You will also be asked to complete a task or tasks as was the case in previous years. Although it will be not be a compulsory task in 2014, completing a profit minter would be well worth your while.”

Teagasc also stressed this will build on the information from last year and it will also give a much better picture of how the farm is performing from both a physical and financial perspective.