Total agricultural exports, including through ports, by rail and trucks, from Ukraine could reach four million tonnes this month (August), according to the Ukrainian Agrarian Council (UAC).

The deputy chair of the agricultural producer organisation has called for the export of products from the country to increase as the war continues.

Denys Marchuk explained that prior to the Russian invasion in February, Ukraine exported around six million tonnes of agricultural produce per month.

“In order to now reach the pre-war level, it is necessary to load 80-100 ships with agricultural products every month through the Black Sea ports,” he said.

Under the Black Sea Grain Initiative, a deal between Ukraine and Russia brokered by Turkey and the United Nations (UN), around 30 shipments of produce have left Ukraine.

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The Black Sea ports had been blockaded for months by Russian forces causing millions of tonnes of grain and other agricultural produce to become stuck in Ukraine.

“The potential for using various export routes is growing. The only issue is ensuring the safe movement of ships in the Black Sea. 27 ships have already left our seaports.

“Another 18 are waiting to be downloaded, and 40 have applied for entry. If we want to reach the pre-war level, we need to load about 80-100 ships every month through the Black Sea ports,” Marchuk explained.

According to the UAC deputy chair, the export of grain and oil crops in August may reach four million tonnes, which is more than 50% of the pre-war level.

In July, almost three million tonnes of grain and oil crops were exported from Ukraine.

Marchuk also noted that domestic grain prices in Ukraine are currently lower than the cost of production.

He said that there had been an expectation on the markets that there may have been an increase in price with the reopening of the Black Sea ports.