Agri Aware’s CAP campaign set to reach 4 million globetrotters

An advertising campaign coordinated by Agri Aware which focuses on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is set to reach 4 million globetrotters who pass through Dublin Airport this spring.

The campaign – entitled ‘My land, your land – Ireland’ – was launched by Agri Aware, Ireland’s independent agri-food educational body, earlier this week.

It was hoped the launch of the campaign would coincide with a busy time for the airport, with both the Cheltenham Festival and St. Patrick’s Day taking place this week.

The “novel campaign” will showcase the best of Ireland, where visitors will see a series of images of Ireland, its landscapes and its people, Agri Aware explained.

The campaign aims to explain the CAP in a “unique and innovative” way, giving travellers from both Ireland and across the world the opportunity to learn key facts about farming and the agri-food industry, it added.

A series of key policy areas will be focused on in the campaign, including the role of CAP in supporting agri-tourism, exports, jobs and sustainability.

Co-financed by the EU Commission Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development, the campaign is supported by the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) and Horse Racing Ireland, in addition to Agri Aware’s other patrons.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign, Agri Aware chairman Richard Moeran explained that the campaign will communicate what farmers and the agri-food sector deliver through CAP.

“Farming is the lifeblood of our land and our people; with the help of CAP, farmers – as we saw with the recent storm – help to provide quality, safe and traceable food to the consumer, whilst supporting jobs and rural development,” he said.

Meanwhile, commenting on the campaign, Agri Aware’s executive director Deirdre O’Shea added: “The key aim of this campaign is to dispel the misperception that CAP is a policy solely for farmers; the reality is CAP impacts on all citizens.

“The unique campaign aims to marry the role of CAP in both rural and urban Ireland. The campaign will empower both local consumers and international visitors, who will visit Ireland over St. Patrick’s Weekend and Easter, with simple and straightforward CAP messages.”