Each week #AgChatIRL will review its debates on social media with AgriLand. Those involved and interested in agriculture and food actively participate in #AgChatIRL discussions on social media each week. It has been up and running for over a year.

Last week’s #agchatirl was the first in the series called Next Generation. This series will revolve around the problems facing both parents’ getting children involved on the farm safely and for young people to get into farming. 

Last week’s topic was Next Generation: Rural Kids and the Farm centering on children growing up in rural Ireland and as members of farm families. Both how those remember their childhood and how they treat their children now.

Q1.  Were you as a child always interested in agriculture or the countryside or did you get into it later?

John Kelly @j0hn_k – Q1 I was farming mad as a child. Always looking out the window at school wishing to be outside. John Kelly BSc #agchatirl

Elaine hall @newfarmerette – @AgChatIRL i was interested in it till horses took over in my teens but interest has come back in last few years . #agchatirl

fimalone1 @fimalone1 – @AgChatIRL q1 grew up on farm and always interested in farming & the whys and how’s of farming. And it’s very important to remember that many childhoods were more demanding than others

Kilmullen Farm @KilmullenFarm – @AgChatIRL .Always interested as a child saw it as a way of life took over when my father died at 14 then it became my responsibility.

Q2. What was the main area that got or kept your interest as you grew up? The animals, the machines, the wildlife etc? #agchatirl

Elaine hall @newfarmerette@AgChatIRL the sheep were and still are my main interest on the farm . #agchatirl

Agriland @AgrilandIreland – @AgChatIRL the lifestyle, no hustle, no traffic jams just hard work and being out in the open air #agchatirl It would appear that some really didn’t have a option but to get to like it!

Waterfall Farm @waterfallfarm – @AgChatIRL Am slowly getting sucked into it by my un-repenting farmer husband. #dolikeitreallythough

Q3. Were your parents encouraging to get into ag? Or if you have kids do you encourage yours to get into ag? #agchatirl

Agriland @AgrilandIreland – @AgChatIRL no, told to go to college and get a non ag degree, if needed the farm would always be there! #agchatirl

Noel Clancy @nbclancy  – @AgChatIRL Yes, have them outside the whole time, it’s good for them to see what’s going on and gives kids in general a sense of importance.

Waterfall Farm @waterfallfarm – @AgChatIRL Always encouraged to do your best in whatever. Think if you’re going to farm you have to have a passion for it #nowalkinthepark

Elaine hall @newfarmerette – @AgChatIRL no mine old fashioned was fine for me to work on farm but not farm it that back fired on them:) #agchatirl

Q4. Final Q for the night: Do you think national schools do enough for kids that are into ag, or to teach other kids about ag? #agchatirl

Elaine hall @newfarmerette – @AgChatIRL no they need to do more farm trips to show kids where all there food comes from and how a farm works. #agchatirl

Kilmullen Farm @KilmullenFarm – @AgChatIRL . i think there is a huge appreciation of nature shown by what they try and grow at school ,and they enjoy the stories of foxes etc

Ciaran Lynch @CiaranLynch – @AgChatIRL. I don’t think some kids care. There isn’t enough job potential in just agri in Ireland. Always great to hear from people who work in the areas we discuss, in this case education!

laura lyn @laudleslyn – @AgChatIRL #agchatirl 1st hand info here we do try…unless ur farm related its not put forward every wk has a topic. #farmsafetyproject. A reoccurring theme is the divide between rural schools and urban schools

laura lyn @laudleslyn – @AgChatIRL difference is rural school, book said 10%of Eire cuts turf 90 per cent of class cut turf. Love showing them wildlife. Tractor Tom4infants

Now we’re looking forward to tonight’s (Wednesday) #agchatirl at 8pm, tonight’s topic is all about teenagers in farming! Be sure to stop by and give us your opinions or any ideas you have on how to promote a positive environment for teens in agriculture or just in rural Ireland