It is believed that a number of meat factories have begun moves to seek a committal order through the High Court against individual farmers over protests.

A committal order under Irish courts would effectively mean that individuals could be imprisoned for a deliberate refusal to obey a court order.

The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) has sent its legal team to the court to oppose the order.

In a statement, the IFA noted that it understands that meat factories will seek to obtain attachment and committal order in the High Court this afternoon, Wednesday, August 28, against farmers who are protesting at meat plants.

IFA president Joe Healy said that beef farmers are frustrated and angry, hauling them before the courts will solve nothing.

We have instructed our legal team to fully oppose this application to allow time to see if a resolution can be found.

Earlier today, it was noted that the High Court injunction secured by both ABP and Dawn Meats had been posted outside factories owned by the companies.

According to the injunction, the individual farmers named “and each of their respective servants or agents, or any persons acting in concert with them or with knowledge of the making of such an order be restrained until Friday, August 30, 2019, at 11:00am, or until further order in the meantime from impeding, obstructing, hindering or in any way interfering, directly or indirectly, with access to or egress from the plaintiff’s premises”.

A penal notice accompanies the court document, warning that any person that neglects to obey the order will be liable to actions “including imprisonment for the purpose of compelling you to obey the same order”.