A simple way to help dairy cows recover after calving

The dairy industry in Ireland has benefited over the last few years from an improved understanding in terms of the role of nutrition, husbandry and preventive practices in helping cows to recover rapidly after calving.

A cow’s metabolism needs particular support post-calving to help it maintain essential bodily functions and for it to remain healthy.


Support post-calving

During calving cows lose fluids and electrolytes, which can lead to dehydration. Blood calcium levels drop and at the time when they need more energy they actually eat less.

The combination of dehydration, low blood calcium levels and low feed intake can cause weakness and listlessness after calving, which in turn can mean the cow eats less again.

This has consequences for both milk production and the longer-term health of the cow.

Cows need to recover as soon as possible after calving and it is important that they start to eat again quickly.

To make this possible, they need a readily-available source of energy, calcium and other minerals, electrolytes and vitamins.


Highly palatable energy drink

Farm-O-San Reviva is a highly palatable energy drink that offers that vital supplementation to freshly-calved cows.

By giving cows Farm-O-San Reviva just once, directly after calving, the animals recover sooner, are more active, have a higher blood calcium level and show improved forage intake.

Trials conducted by Trouw Nutrition with Farm-O-San Reviva have demonstrated that cows treated with this supplement have higher blood calcium levels and dry matter intake post-partum to help recover and boost milk yield, as soon as possible.

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