‘A mart lockdown system is the way that marts must go’

A risk manager with FBD Insurance has said he believes a “mart lockdown system is the direction that marts must go in the future”.

Speaking at the Irish Co-operative Organisation Society (ICOS) National Conference in the Kilashee House Hotel, Naas, Co. Kildare, today (Thursday, November 8), risk manager with FBD, Ciaran Roche, made the statement.

It is understood that a mart lockdown would involve prohibited access to members on the public from certian areas of the mart – primarily livestock penning areas – while the mart is taking place.

He also explained that a significant number of insurance claims come from the mart’s livestock intake points.

He outlined that if members of the public “are not in areas where they shouldn’t be” while the mart is taking place, then “the mart is easier to operate”.

Roache also outlined that implementation of this is very important and suggested sheeting gates that people are climbing in marts in order to block access.

Commenting on the design of marts in existence, he noted that many marts will need to be upgraded and improved.

The more risk you can engineer out of the mart, the safer it becomes.

Moran concluded by outlining the recommended height of pens and railings in marts: “Cattle railings should be 1.8m in height around pens and they should be 2.1m in height surrounding public viewing areas.”