It will be a dry, bright and settled week, with high pressure dominating and it will be generally very mild by day, but cool by night, according to Met Eireann.

Today (Monday) will be a dry day with good spells of sunshine with highest temperatures of 15 to 18 degrees with the best values in the west, it said.

Met Eireann said that it will be breezy at times with moderate to fresh southeast winds.

It will be dry tonight with long clear spells however, some mist and fog may develop later in night, it said.

There will be lowest temperatures generally of 6 to 10 degrees but these will fall back to the low single figures locally, in mainly light to moderate southeast breezes.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be another dry day after overnight mist or fog clears and there will be good spells of sunshine, Met Eireann says.

It said it will be very mild, with highest temperatures 15 to 18 degrees with the best values across the midlands and west again.

Tuesday might will be dry with long clear spells but there will be mist and fog in parts too with lowest temperatures 5 to 9 degrees, with light easterly breezes, it said.

Looking to Wednesday and the remainder of the week, overnight mist and fog will clear quickly and it will be dry each day, Met Eireann said.

Although it will be dry each day with good spells of sunshine it will possibly not be quite as mild as recent days, it said.

There will be highest temperatures of 14 to 18 degrees again, according to Met Eireann.

It said that easterly winds will be light to moderate in strength, becoming southeasterly later in the week.

Current indications from Met Eireann suggest much of next weekend will hold dry as the blocking high keeps weather fronts at bay, however, temperatures will fall back to more near normal, it said.