900 new safety camera zones on Irish roads from today

The Gardaí have launched 903 new safety camera zones on Irish roads, with all categories of roads set to see an increased presence of cameras.

The new camera zones were officially rolled out today, Monday, February 17, and came into effect at 6:00am this morning.

As can be seen in the image below, which outlines the new zones on the map, roads in all parts of the country will have stretches where new camera zones will operate.

Image source: An Garda Síochána

It brings the number of safety camera zones on Irish roads to 1,322, after 575 previous camera zones were removed following a review.

The Gardaí’s road safety campaign is divided into ‘enforcement hours’ and ‘survey hours’.

During the 7,400 enforcement hours per month, the cameras operate from the vans marked with reflective material and a sign with a safety camera symbol.

The 100 survey hours per month are conducted from unmarked vans, with the purpose being to “accurately observe and record” speeds at which vehicles are traveling. This is done for survey purposes only.

The cameras operate in areas where there is a history of speed-related collisions, known as ‘speed enforcement zones’.

The Gardaí are urging drivers to become familiar with the new zones, which can be viewed here.

Tractor theft

In other Garda-related news, investigations are ongoing into the theft of a tractor from a farmyard in the midlands last week.

The incident occurred near Tyrellspass, Co. Westmeath, last Thursday, February 13.

Confirming the news to AgriLand, a spokesperson for An Garda Síochána said: “Gardaí in Rochfortbridge are investigating the theft of a tractor from a farmyard in the Tyrellspass area, Co. Westmeath.

“The incident was reported on Thursday, February 13, at approximately 7:00pm when the owner of the vehicle returned to the property and discovered the tractor was missing,” the spokesperson added.