Tractors of 500hp or more were rather exotic creatures just a few years ago, but with the increasing numbers of high power machines being sold, Pottinger has added to its tillage range to cater for their outputs.

Folding power harrows

Power harrows are one obvious power hungry tool that would be well suited to big machines.

It therefore seems a logical step to bring to the field a 6m wide folding unit, which can handle what is now becoming almost commonplace.

The company claims that during the development of the new power harrow, known as the Lion 1002 C, special attention has been paid to current and future requirements in terms of durability and strength.

Pottinger 500hp power harrow
A robust build is essential when matching the performance of modern tractors

The tine carrier has been beefed up and a high-capacity central gearbox has been fitted to ensure that the torque is transmitted efficiently to each section.

The new driveline has a two-speed transmission, enabling a wide range of speeds to be deployed. It is designed for PTO settings of between 750rpm and 1300rpm. This should enable the tractor to run within its optimum performance range.

As a result, the rotors can turn at between 320rpm and 420rpm allowing the cultivation effect to be set to best suit the conditions and desired finish. It also has the potential to reduce fuel consumption.

The external gearbox has been built for strength and heat dispersal, to provide sufficient cooling, according to Pottinger.

A cam-type clutch on each frame section protects the machine against overload up to 2,200Nm. Depth adjustment may be done manually or by an optional hydraulic control.

A drill to match a 500hp harrow

To match the width of the new power harrow, Pottinger is also introducing a new 6m version of its Aerosem seed drill range.

This latest machine is known as the Aerosem 6002 FDD and it comes with a choice of two front hoppers.

The company claims that the new front hopper can convey a higher rate of seed to the drill, which will be required at the greater working width and forward speed than might be expected when mounted to a high power tractor.

pottinger 6002 fdd drill with front hopper
The new Aerosem 6002 FDD drill has higher capacity hoppers to help maintain work rate

The hopper is available with a capacity of either 1,700L or 2,400L and is fitted with a full-length, airtight cover.

Accessibility was a key priority when developing the unit with a two-step ladder and greater visibility now being provided.

Attaching the drill to the power harrow is via a docking system which, the company claims, makes the attachment of the coulter bar and distributor head quick and easy.