The Bord Bia international buyer event, Marketplace, will see 5,000 meetings take place with Irish food and drink companies and €30m worth of deals brokered.

The Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney addressed the event in Dublin where 540 buyers, from 30 countries, sit down with 185 Irish companies to try broker deals.

Over the past two days, the international buyers have been visiting a range of Irish agri-food and drink companies, arranged by Bord Bia.

Minister Tom Hayes meeting with international buyers at Bord Bia's Marketplace.

Minister Tom Hayes meeting with international buyers at Bord Bia’s Marketplace.

The Minister for Agriculture, Simon Coveney said that Ireland give the proof buyers need about how and where they source their food.

He also said that they can then reassure their customers that they are dealing with companies serious about and measuring the sustainability of those products.

“From Tuesday, when the EU abolishes the control measures in dairying, Ireland will the fastest growing dairy producer on the planet for the next 10 years.

“Marketplace is about providing a platform for these sustainable companies with international buyers.”

The Irish companies, he said, have all been chosen by Bord Bia as they are a good fit and a good match to the buyers.

The international buyers have been able to access 11 itineraries, through Bord Bia to show them manufacturing facilities across a range of industries.

Bord Bia says that some 152 Irish food buyers are also at the event and that the real potential of the event is building over 500 new trade relationships for the Irish food and drink industry.