3 spring barley varieties coming from Seedtech

Seedtech’s hybrid barley varieties are often the talking point of the company’s open day. But, at this year’s event, it was winter wheat and spring barley that caught AgriLands attention.

Graham (winter wheat) will take up 7% of the seed availability this autumn. It has a relative yield score of 106 – the highest score recorded in recommended and national list trials last season.

It is an early-maturing variety and is reported to have good resistance to septoria and yellow rust.

Patsy Kehoe talking winter wheat at the Seedtech open day. Image source: Finbarr O’Rourke

Spring barley

KWS Irina is Seedtech’s main variety this year, while Mickle remains a player in the market. It’s known for its early maturity and straw strength.

However, three new varieties were out for inspection at the Seedtech trial site last week. Basic seed will be available for SY Errigal, SY Arderin and SY Stanza in 2019. All three have a high relative yield rating at 108, 111 and 109 respectively.

SY Errigal, named after Mount Errigal in Co. Donegal, is on a par with SY Arderin for straw strength and disease resistance. However, disease resistance was not tested in this season’s climate. SY Stanza shows promise for distilling, as it is a non-GN (glycosidic nitrile) variety.