250,000th Fendt Vario transmission has just rolled off the production line

The 250,000th Fendt Vario transmission unit rolled off the production line at the company’s German factory on Sunday, November 27.

Now every tractor that is manufactured at the factory in Marktoberdorf, in the south of Germany, is fitted with the Vario transmission.

Fendt first began using the Vario transmission 20 years ago, when the manufacturer first began production of the Fendt 926 Vario in 1996. 

The stepless Vario transmission remains the only transmission solution for Fendt, according to CEO of AGCO/Fendt Peter-Josef Paffen.

At the time we consciously opted for this innovative technology and started implementing it almost right away in every range and power level.

“We now offer the solution for every power band, from 50 to 500 horsepower. Whatever the operation, the customer can always carry out their work at the right speed,” he said.

To mark the special occasion, Fendt has launched a special promotion to show its gratitude to its customers.

The 250, 500, 700, 800 and 900 Vario series models will be launched in the new colour, Fendt Nature Green, with a premium package of designer features.

L-R: Michael Gschwender, (Managing Director for IT and Finance) Peter-Josef Paffen (CEO) and Ekkehart Gläser, (Managing Director for Production)

Fendt Vario transmissions 20 years in Production

With the Fendt 926 Vario, the agricultural machinery manufacturer launched the world’s first tractor with a stepless variable drive.

This innovation from Fendt revolutionised agricultural technology and has been setting new standards in gear manufacturing ever since, with brands such as John Deere, Case IH and New Holland following its lead.

Due to the continuously variable drive, the tractor driver can now concentrate on what is really important, the work going on behind, in front or alongside the tractor, according to Fendt.

Since 2009, all Fendt series, from the narrow-gauge tractor to the heavy-duty tractor, feature the Vario transmission.

Meanwhile, the continuous drive for 21st century farming was developed for production in the heavy-duty Fendt 1000 Vario.

The Fendt VarioDrive is the latest transmission innovation which features permanently variable all-wheel drive functionality as well as all the benefits of continuous driving.

All parts manufacture and assembly taken care of in-house

In the history of the production of stepless transmissions, Fendt has relied exclusively on its internal expertise and decades of experience.

Tonnes of iron and steel are delivered every day to the company’s factory and are transformed in-house into every single part of the transmission, be it the gears, shafts or casings, according to Fendt.

Around 100 transmissions are produced every day, meaning every six minutes a complete drive rolls off the production line.

Whether it is parts manufacture or the assembly production, everything happens under one roof.

It is a standard process that every component and even the entire plant are subject to multiple quality checks.