This Chinese-built, 130hp tractor (pictured above) is the Lovol 1304.

It’s not the first time we’ve reported on this ‘new’ model; we first brought you pictures and details of this tractor back in June.

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Most recently, an eagle-eyed AgriLand reader spotted one of these beasts in Ukraine. The tractor was on display at this year’s Agro-Expo Exhibition in Kiev; that show is the largest agricultural exhibition in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

The 1304’s six-cylinder, 5.99L engine is coupled to a basic 16F 8R synchronised gearbox.

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The tractor (unladen) weighs 5.25t; it’s shod on 18.4-38 rear wheels/tyres. Hydraulic pump output is a reasonable 63L/min. Top whack on the road is a modest 35kph.

Who Or What Is Lovol?

Lovol manufactures a broad dossier of products, including agricultural equipment (tractors, implements and combine harvesters), construction equipment (excavators, backhoe loaders, forklifts, graders, wheel loaders, skid-steer loaders, rollers and bulldozers), specialist urban vehicles (small three-wheeled and electric transport units) and engines.

The range of agricultural implements includes trailers, balers, ploughs, cultivators, rotary tillers and even sprayers. Most of these are at the smaller end of the scale – in terms of physical size.

It’s a similar story for the entity’s combine harvesters; these go from 75hp up to just 150hp. Cutting widths run from just 2m up to 4.5m. These machines, depending on the individual model, mainly tackle wheat or rice.

Lovol Heavy Industry – the company’s full trading name – also has a significant financial services division.

Lovol was founded in 1998; growth has been impressive since then. It now has in excess of 16,000 employees. Back in 2014, for example, it recorded sales revenues of almost 22 billion RMB (Chinese Yuan). This equates to over €3 billion.

Lovol claims to be the largest agricultural equipment manufacturer in China; its activities also feed into other brands and manufacturers – extending its reach further in the global farm machinery sector.