World Sheep Shearing Championships halted

The World Sheep Shearing Championships have been halted for health and safety reasons following an incident in the competition dome at 1.30 this afternoon.

People in the dome reported hearing a loud bang followed by a shifting of the marquis to one side. The venue was then evacuated immediately with al of those in attendance asked to relocate to the Good Food Ireland Food Village.

Australian journalist  Felicity Wingfield told Agriland that she was sitting at the back of the sheep dome when the incident happened.

“There was a very large noise and it seemed for a second that the marquee was about to fall down. We were told immediately to leave the dome. All shearing competitions have been halted until further notice.”

Agriland can confirm that the event organising committee is currently meeting to assess the damage to the Sheep Dome and whether or not today’s scheduled shearing competitions will take place.”


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