Superquinn sausages are back as ABP creates 12 jobs

SuperValu has this morning announced that Superquinn sausages have gone on sale in all its SuperValu stores.

All stores will now stock the popular Superquinn sausage 12 pack, which will retail for €4. SuperValu expects additional sales of €2m of the sausages in the first year.

ABP Ireland, the company who produce the award-winning Superquinn sausage, has created 12 jobs in order to cater for this demand at its processing facility at ABP Cahir, Cahir, Co Tipperary, the supermarket said. “All pork raw materials are 100 per cent Irish,” it added.

The Superquinn sausage has always been one of Superquinn’s most popular products and initial sales in a handful of SuperValu stores have seen the product sell out. As a result, nationwide distribution has been brought forward in order to cater for demand with shoppers across the country eager to get a taste of the Superquinn sausage.

The same secret recipe for the Superquinn sausage is in use, so customers can expect the same great taste whether they buy their sausages in Dublin or Donegal.

Pictured model Daniella Moyles with Emil Gajewska, SuperValu Butcher/Maxwells




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