Sub-zero temperatures to hit parts of the west and north tonight

A low temperature yellow weather warning has been issued by Met Eireann for parts of the west and north of the country tonight.

Temperatures are set to fall to between -2 and -4 degrees tonight, across Connacht, Monaghan, Cavan and Donegal.

The warning is set to come into effect this evening (Wednesday, November 23) at 7pm and will be lifted tomorrow morning, Thursday, November 24, at 10am.

Tonight is set to be mainly dry with good clear spells, while widespread severe frost is expected for the areas affected by the weather warning.

Elsewhere, temperatures are forecast to fall to between -1 and +3 degrees with frost expected only in some areas.

Tomorrow, Thursday, will continue to be mostly dry with good sunny spells but fog may linger as winds will be light to moderate northeasterly.

Meanwhile, temperatures are set to reach only 3 to 6 degrees in the northwest, while other parts of the country will enjoy temperatures of between 6 to 10 degrees.

Protecting your water system in a cold snap

Farmers have been advised to assess their water system to see if they are vulnerable to a serious cold snap, according to Teagasc’s Farm Management Specialist Tom Ryan.

With regards to water troughs in fields, especially concrete troughs, Ryan advises farmers to make an effort to empty them and leave them empty if they are not in use.

These troughs may be susceptible to cracking if the water freezes in them during a severe cold period.

If a farmer is worried about the water supply being disrupted by freezing temperatures, a tap can be fitted to help prevent the water freezing, Ryan said.

“Farmers could fit a tap at the end of the pipe serving the shed. During a cold snap this could be used strategically by opening the tap slightly to help prevent the water freezing,” he said.