‘Steps to Success 2019’ launched by minister

The fourth progress report of Food Wise 2025, entitled Steps to Success 2019, was launched by Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, today, Wednesday, July 31.

Steps to Success 2019 highlights the progress achieved in year four in the implementation of the Food Wise 2025 strategy, according to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Minister Creed chairs the Food Wise High Level Implementation Committee (HLIC), involving senior officials from relevant state agencies and Government departments, who meet regularly with stakeholders to ensure that implementation is a live and dynamic process.

It provides a forum to review progress to date and understand the significant challenges ahead, with a focus at recent meetings on the twin challenges of environmental sustainability and Brexit responses, according to the department.

Commenting on progress, Minister Creed said: “Agri-food exports have increased by 73% since 2009.”

The Food Wise process allows all stakeholders to engage strategically to ensure the continuing success of our most important indigenous industry, which is crucial for the national economy and especially for rural and coastal areas.

“Steps to Success 2019 outlines continued progress in the development of the sector, including the ongoing market development work, which continues to broaden the range of different countries to which we export our agri-food products and the opening of the new Prepared Consumer Foods Centre in Teagasc, Ashtown.”