Status Yellow wind warning issued for the country

Met Eireann has issued a Status Yellow wind warning for the entire country, which will come into effect tomorrow night.

According to the national meteorological office, south-west winds are expected to reach mean speeds of between 55kph and 65kph – gusting to 110kph at times – tomorrow night (Tuesday).

Issued earlier today at 11:00am, the warning will be valid from 8:00pm tomorrow night until 6:00am Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, today will be mostly cloudy at first with a few patches of mist and drizzle.

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The rest of the day will bring a mix of cloud, sunny intervals and just a few showers in the west and north-west. Highest temperatures will range from 7º to 11º in moderate to fresh westerly breezes.

Outbreaks of rain will reach south-west Munster this evening and will spread quickly north-east across the country overnight.

The rain is likely to be heaviest and most persistent in the west and north-west – but, rather patchy elsewhere.

A misty night with minimum temperatures of 4º to 7º in northern counties is expected; but, temperatures may rise to between 8º and 10º in all areas later in the night.

Conditions for both spraying and drying will be poor all week on account of the wet and windy weather forecast, Met Eireann added.


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