One-pass raking and baling: What is the best approach?

AgriLand recently brought you a report profiling the Agronic WR500 front rake, depicting how it can form part of “the ultimate one-pass system – for baled silage contractors”.

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The notion of raking during the same pass as baling (and possibly wrapping too) is by no means new; numerous companies and individuals have attempted to perfect such an approach.

Back in 2014, Irish contractor Tony McCarthy (from Killarney, Co. Kerry) developed a special frame (see video below) that enabled an Elho V-Twin rake to be accommodated – between a tractor and baler.

The so-called ‘Mac Attach‘ is seen here, as the ‘bridge’ that links the Elho rake and a McHale F550. Up front, powering the outfit, is a Massey Ferguson 6480.

With a Fusion instead of an F550, the resultant outfit could – of course – combine three rather than two jobs into one.

The video was shot by John W Anderson ( His YouTube channel can be accessed here.

He produces a range of videos and DVDs – showcasing agricultural contractors and farming events. His most recent production – Contract & Farm 5 – profiles Murphy Bros Contractors based in Portlaw, Co. Waterford.

This footage (below) is essentially a trailer – providing of taster of what’s in the full-length DVD.

Murphy Bros’ tractor fleet comprises Fendt, New Holland, Claas, Case IH and John Deere models.

In fact, older readers might remember that Murphy Bros’ tractor line-up was once almost exclusively Fendt; the business was widely known amongst Fendt fanatics not just in Ireland but much further afield.

Included in the DVD is footage of Murphy Bros’ Overum ploughs, a Lemken one-pass system, Bogballe fertiliser spreaders and a Joskin slurry tanker.

Also in the mix is a reverse-drive Fendt 828 Vario (powering a rear-mounted Claas ‘triple’ mower), a Claas Jaguar 900 forager and a brace of Dooley trailers. A second crew runs four Pottinger wagons. The silage activities are backed up by a pair of JCB Farm Master loaders.

Other featured machines include Claas Lexion 620 and New Holland TX34 combines; there’s even a Jones Engineering ‘Straw Layer’ too – a machine that’s an usual sight for many Irish readers.


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