Learner driver encounters ‘Sheep Highway’ path mishap in Kerry

A learner driver had an unfortunate experience in Co. Kerry recently, resulting in the driver’s car becoming stuck in a narrow pedestrian walkway.

The car appears to have become wedged as the pathway turned to the left, leaving insufficient room for the vehicle to make the turn, situated above the south-west coastline in Dunquin Pier.

A local business, Blasket Island Ferries, poked fun at the incident, describing the car as going “off-roading on the Sheep Highway”.

Taking to social media on Wednesday, July 17, the ferry company’s Facebook account said: “Well it’s that time of year again where the ‘no through’ sign at the top of the pedestrian pathway down to Dunquin Pier gets ignored.

“This learner driver has managed to get themselves fairly stuck.

Good news that our ferries weren’t running today; it would have been a catastrophe trying to bring people back from the island.

Providing a brief update, the ferry company added: “The car has been removed from the pathway; it’s abandoned at the top of Dunquin Pier as we imagine that the clutch is probably burnt.”

Uploading another photo of the car with slight bumper damage, the company account said:

“Now we’re not saying the damage was done to the car today; the car may have already looked like that before they went off-roading on ‘The Sheep Highway’.”