Fertiliser demand picks up with silage activity

Demand for fertiliser has picked this week with the silage season in full swing.

This is according to the IFA’s latest Fertiliser report which says the main movers are CAN, cuts (24’s) and pasture (27’s) swards.

The IFA report that there is also some demand 10’s and 18’s for grass reseeding and catch crops such as kale and fodder rape.

Once again South and North Leinster remain the most competitive regions with best quotes for CAN around €310/t bagged delivered. Keenest quotes for bagged pasture sward (27-2.5-5) are around €410/t with cut sward (24-2.5-10) trading €5/t over.

The IFA also notes that wholesale CAN prices normally begin to fall this time of the year as the main season across the EU comes to a close however, they are unchanged this week at €263/t bulk cif.


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