Farmers begin protest at Kerry Group over milk prices

Around 20 farmers from various parts of Co. Kerry are staging a protest outside the offices of Kerry Group in Tralee today, Wednesday, October 30.

According to a report from Radio Kerry, the group of farmers are taking the action following arbitration between Kerry Group and milk suppliers on the issue of milk prices over the last number of years.

The protesters claim that Kerry Group has not met with the elected subcommittee of the Kerry Co-op board, which represents milk suppliers.

One protester told the radio station: “Farmers on the ground are getting very, very angry.

People are getting very angry, because anyone who’s owed money, and who contends they’re owed money for 2015, it’s not only 2015. We had a contract; we got a commitment of a leading milk price back in early 2013. That contract lasted until 2025.

“The arbitrator has informed us we are entitled to money. Therefore, for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and so far to 2019, we are owed money,” the farmer claimed.

A spokesperson for Kerry Group has said that the company is reviewing the calculation of the milk price for 2015 under the contract in question.

The spokesperson added that this review has so far indicated that there is “no adjustment required” to the 2015 price, and that the group is engaging with Kerry Co-op on the issue.