Farm sustainability research granted €400k

Teagasc and NUI Galway have been granted €400k for two joint research projects under the Department of Agriculture’s €6m Research Stimulus Fund.
The first project, ‘Join-to-Farm’, will explore how a broad range of joint farming ventures could enhance the sustainability of Irish agriculture.

The project brings together social scientists: Dr Áine Macken-Walsh, Teagasc; Dr Kevin Heanue, Teagasc; Dr Anne Byrne, NUI Galway; Professor Michael Ward, University College Cork; and Dr Olive McCarthy, UCC.

The second project, ‘Agile-Tech’, examines how technology use by farmers evolves over time. The project involves social scientists: Dr Kevin Heanue, Teagasc; Dr Áine Macken-Walsh, Teagasc; Ann Lyons, NUI Galway; Mary O’Reilly-de Brún, Centre for Participatory Strategies; and Tomás de Brún, Centre for Participatory Strategies.

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