Dry and settled start to bank holiday weekend

Weather will remain mostly dry and settled at first this weekend, but will turn more changeable and unsettled into next week, with rain or showers becoming widespread and heavy in places.

According to Met Éireann, weather will become windy with strong and gusty easterly winds developing early next week.

Today, Friday, May 3, will see a good deal of dry, bright weather with some spells of sunshine at times.

However, some cloudy periods will also develop with a few showers in parts of Ulster and in eastern coastal counties.

Temperatures will be fresh and rather cool, with highs of 9° or 10° over Ulster and 11° to 15° elsewhere. Highest temperatures will be experienced over Munster.

Tonight will be cold and breezy with clear spells. Lowest temperatures will range from 0° to 3° with some grass frost in places.

Occasional showers will affect northern coastal areas, but it will remain mostly dry otherwise.

Opportunities for spraying will be few up until next Friday, after which conditions will improve due to dry weather with light winds.

Saturday will be a bright, dry and mostly sunny day, but with occasional cloudy periods in the afternoon.

Top temperatures will range from 9° to 10° over Ulster, but a higher 11° to 14° elsewhere, with warmest spells experienced over Munster.

Saturday night will be cold, mostly dry and fairly clear. Lowest temperatures will range from -1° to plus 2° with a widespread grass frost.

Sunday morning will be cold to start with, but the early grass frost will clear to give a dry, bright and sunny morning. More clouds will appear later, but further sunny spells also.

Light showers will affect parts of the north coast. Fresh and rather cool temperatures will be felt over Ulster, northern parts of Connacht and Leinster, with highs of just 9° or 10° in a moderate north-west to northerly breeze.

Temperatures will be higher elsewhere, with top values of 12° to 14° in light, variable breezes.

Sunday night will be cold with lows of 0° to 3° in almost calm conditions, with grass frost in places. A few showers will affect parts of the north coast.

Finally, Monday will see some showers at times over Ulster, but it will be largely dry elsewhere. Temperatures will remain below average, with highs of 9° to 12°.