Beet selling for €40/t as demand grows

It has been a difficult season for beet growers, as wet weather conditions hampered harvesting in numerous locations throughout the country.

Many crops were harvested in the past number of weeks and are meeting strong demand. This comes as ground conditions remain poor and grass growth rates are back by 50% across the country.

Beet is being transported – by the lorryload – from the heart of the growing region to as far away as the counties of Monaghan and Cavan. Reports suggest that dairy farming customers are also becoming more prevalent in the market.


Supplies look to be most plentiful in the Leinster region. The standard price reported to AgriLand was €40/t for unwashed beet. But, some farmers are looking at increasing this price to €45-50/t in some cases.

In Co. Wexford, beet pulled before the snow – grown on dry, sandy soil – is being sold for €40/t (unwashed, but very clean). However, prices are as low as €35/t in some parts on the county and as high as €50/t in others.

In Co. Offaly, €40/t (unwashed) is being looked for, while €40/t is also being quoted in Co. Kilkenny. Moving to Co. Kildare, beet is available for €48/t and is said to be in high demand.