Beef Plan circulates message ‘urging’ members who to vote for in EU elections

It has emerged that the Beef Plan Movement circulated a message actively endorsing four political candidates in the Midlands-North West Constituency.

The Beef Plan’s recent move to overtly “urge” its members who to vote for has been described as “regrettable” by a spokesperson for a leading Irish political party.

Meanwhile, the message that has been widely circulated in a number of WhatsApp group chats consisting of members of the Beef Plan outlines: “We are strongly urging all farmers and family members to come out on Friday and vote for these candidates in order of your preference.”

The Beef Plan Movement’s West Regional Committee also appears to be the source of the message.

The message outlines that the movement wishes to “publicly endorse” four specific candidates who are running in the European elections for the Midlands-North West Constituency.

“Without the work these candidates have done for the Beef Plan, we would not be as effective as we have been when representing the interests of suckler and beef farmers on the European and national stage,” the message continues.


Responding to the move by the farming group, a Fine Gael spokesperson said it was “regrettable” that a farm body would behave in such a manner.

“It is regrettable that a group purporting to represent farmers would act in such an overtly political manner,” the spokesperson added.

“Irish farm organisations have a long tradition of avoiding partisan behaviour at election times – for any group to deviate from this is disappointing.”