40 sheep killed in ‘frightening’ dog attack in Roscommon

A flock of more than 40 sheep were ravaged and killed in a “frightening” dog attack on a farm in Co. Roscommon last weekend.

Following the incident farm organisations have warned dog owners that farmers will take “whatever action is necessary” to protect livestock from such financially devastating attacks.

John Brooks, Sheep Committee chairman of the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA), said: “It’s most unfortunate that these big slaughters keep happening. This is the third big kill in the area in the last six months.

“It’s a frightening situation for farmers to deal with – not just in terms of the financial loss; but, also the psychological trauma and stress of dealing with the aftermath,” he said.

‘A cute killer’

Brooks is pleading with dog owners to know where their pets are at all times.

“Dogs can be the cutest animals; they are man’s best friend. But a dog’s desire to hunt and kill is in its DNA,” he said.

It won’t take much for a dog to turn from cute and cuddly into a vicious killer.

Brooks, who farms in Co. Roscommon, also raised concerns about the need for new pet owners to update his/her canine’s micro-chip information.

“All the farm organisations lobbied hard on micro-chipping and making sure all the information is registered on an approved database. But, there is a problem with the system.

There are owners out there that have not updated ownership information and that is compounding the problem when attacks occur.

“I’m pleading with owners to be vigilant and responsible. The onus is on them to act,” he concluded.