Young farmers should force a change in relation to farm safety, according to the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney.

Speaking at Macra na Feirme’s Annual Conference, the Minister for Agriculture called on young farmers to change their attitudes towards farm safety.

“I would ask you as a new generation of farmers not to put up with the attitudes that have been there towards farm safety in the past.

“Do not accept it, force a change that will ensure that your generation doesn’t have to experience the trauma that your parents’ generation have had to live through.”

According to Coveney, farm accidents in Ireland are happening too often and last year was the worst ever year for these on-farm accidents.

Coveney added that the only way to resolve the issue towards farm safety is by changing the mindsets towards farm safety.

 It means a new generation with a new mindset towards safety on farms and a new approach, demanding a different approach from your parents.

“Because that is what is going to change this, not more inspections, not more money and more schemes,” he said.

The Minister for Agriculture added that attitudes need to change to address this issue, especially towards the risks farmers take while on their own.

“But it is the attitudes that need to change, but let’s face it so many farmers work out on their own checking cattle and sheep or in tractors on their own.

“Often when accidents happen there is nobody there to help, and the risks of these happening in the first place.”