World News: A 90,000 sq ft warehouse based 15 miles outside of Chicago is now a thriving urban garden that supplies nearly one million dollars of herbs, arugula, watercress and other greens to local restaurants and grocery stores.

The company behind it, FarmedHere, uses an aquaponic system, with waste from tilapia fish providing nutrients for the plants.

Whole Foods, the largest of its customers, helped finance the facility with a US$100,000 loan.

As well as being the largest vertical farm in the US, it is also the first to be certified organic by the US Department of Agriculture.

According to FarmedHere, the farm saves 90 per cent of its water, compared to conventional farming techniques, and produces no agricultural runoff. Additionally, all of its waste, such as plant roots, stems and even biodegradable packaging, is recycled in collaboration, making it a zero-waste facility.

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