Wintry wet weather on the way this week

This week is expected to turn cold and wet, with wintry showers on the way, according to Met Eireann.

This morning (Monday), showery rain associated with a cold front will clear eastwards into the Irish Sea – leaving a day of sunny spells and showers. The showers will be most frequent in Atlantic coastal counties, Met Eireann added.

It will turn noticeably colder as the day progresses, with the showers turning a little wintry over northern hills by evening. Maximum afternoon temperatures will range from 4° to 8°, in fresh to strong and gusty westerly winds. High seas will develop on Atlantic coasts.

It is expected to be cold and windy overnight with widespread showers; the showers will  turn wintry in many areas by dawn, with falls of snow possible over high ground.

Strong westerly winds will reach gale force along Atlantic coasts, with very high seas expected. Minimum temperatures will range from 0° to 3° generally; but, it is predicted to be a few degrees milder in Atlantic coastal fringes.


Met Eireann predicts a bitterly cold day tomorrow (Tuesday, January 16) with a strong to gale force westerly wind feeding in frequent wintry showers.

Some of the showers will be heavy, with the risk of hail and thunder in Atlantic coastal areas. Falls of sleet and snow are expected, giving accumulations of snow in places – especially over high ground.

Maximum temperatures tomorrow will range from 0° to 4°. Seas along the Atlantic seaboard will remain very high, Met Eireann warns.

Further wintry showers are expected tomorrow night; but, they will become increasingly confined to western areas, with good dry periods developing further east.

Minimum temperatures of 0° to 4° are forecast in strong and gusty northwesterly winds.