Winter wheat crops are at different stages across the country. Cellule has headed out in some regions, while the majority of winter wheat crops are approaching or at the flag leaf stage.

The T2 fungicide should be applied at flag leaf (GS39). Chlorothalonil will be the first product on the list at a rate of 1L/ha, while the second will be an SDHI.

An azole should also be applied and these products should be alternated between spray timings. So, use a different azole than was used at the T1 timing.

Growers who had a rust problem will most likely have used epoxiconazole at T1. Where rust is still a concern Corbel is another option for rust control, which may help in the alternation of azoles and can be applied where mildew is plentiful.

Winter barley

The majority of winter barley crops will have received their last fungicide this week. Those that haven’t should be sprayed in the coming days. The most effective time for the last fungicide on winter barley is between flag leaf and awn emergence.

Spring barley

Many spring barley crops are also due a fungicide application. Looking at crops this week rhynchosporium is present in many fields, but at low levels. In any case, mid-to-late tillering is the timing advised and it is essential to protect those tillers to reach yield potential.