What was the value of Ireland’s horticultural output in 2019?

Ireland’s horticultural output was valued at approximately €4.77 million at the farmgate in 2019, according to preliminary figures from the Department of Agriculture.

This represents a 9.2% increase from 2018 when the farmgate value was €436,750,000.

Among the crops included in the horticultural output are mushrooms, potatoes, field vegetables, fruit, bulbs, flowers and foliage, hardy nursery crops, protected crops (such as berries, tomatoes and lettuce) and other horticultural sectors.

Highest output

Mushrooms had the highest output value at €119,234,000. Potatoes followed in second place at an estimated output of €110,911,000. The potato sector saw an increase in output of 39.2% on 2018. Potato crops were severely affected by drought in 2018.

Protected crops accounted for a preliminary output of €91,484,000. In this category, strawberries took up the majority of the value at €38,354,000. Bedding plants followed at €10,806,000 and tomatoes came in third at €9,196,000.

The value of field vegetables was estimated at €77,850,000, up 2.5% on the year before.


A breakdown of the sectors and the value of their output, according to preliminary figures from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, are outlined in the table below. The percentage change from 2018 to 2019 is listed in brackets.

Provisional estimate of horticultural output for 2019 at farmgate level (% change from 2018 to 2019):
  • Protected crops – €91,484,000 (5.2%);
  • Mushrooms – €119,234,000 (1.8%);
  • Potatoes – €110,911,000 (39.3%);
  • Field vegetables – €77,850,000 (2.5%);
  • Fruit (outdoor) – €10,705,000 (-2%);
  • Bulbs, outdoor flowers and foliage – €9,440,000 (0.7%);
  • Hardy nursery crops and other horticulture sectors – €57,347,000 (0.9%);
  • Total – €476,971,000 (9.2%).