Sport and farming often interlink each other, but have you ever seen a game of American tractor football?

That is exactly what happened in the latest ‘I beat Pete’ challenge from the American news channel KCBD when Pete went to Close City, Texas to play a game of tractor football against the Norman brothers, Steve and David.

The tractor football challenge meant each player driving an antique tractor and throwing footballs through rings. If the ball goes through the ring as you’re passing on the tractor then you get points.

The game also took on the format of an NFL game with four quarters. In the first quarter David Norman “put the John Deere in gear and threw footballs at the rings, throwing a two-pointer giving Close City the early lead against Pete”.

“I had to factor that I was on a moving tractor and my chances of scoring were slim chickens to none,” Pete said as he missed the rings.

In the second quarter Pete got a “tractor touchdown” leaving the score in the tractor football game 6-3 to Pete at half-time. After the third quarter it was 6-4 to Pete.

At full time Pete was the winner over the Norman brothers on a scoreline of 7-4.

Take a look at the tractor football video:

The challenge was to promote a recent antique tractor show that took place in Close City.