The Irish Charolais Cattle Society has assembled a list of the top 10 Charolais artificial insemination (AI) sires with the highest number of progeny born in 2021.

The data for the list was assembled by taking the 10 Charolais bulls with the highest number of progeny born in 2021.

Commenting on the data, the Irish Charolais Cattle Society’s secretary Nevan McKiernan explained: “The reason the list was assembled was to show Irish pedigree Charolais cattle breeders what bulls are most popular with commercial farmers.”

Charolais AI sires with the highest number of progeny born in 2021:

NameAI CodeNumber of progeny
Knockmoyle10 LokiCH41593,715
Fleetwood FWO2,538
Goldstar LudwigCH42512,073
Pottlereagh MarkCH41601,908
Cavelands FenianLZF1,674
Cavelands LeviCH4252940
Source: Irish Charolais Cattle Society

Commenting on the figures, McKiernan noted: “Fiston is clearly number one and has been for the last few years and it really shows that commercial suckler farmers are really happy with him.”

McKiernan believes Fiston’s popularity among commercial suckler farmers is because the bull “is easy calving, throws the type of calf that sells well in the commercial market and has good figures as well”.

“The calves develop very well when they are born, they’re lively calves and they grow into nicely shaped calves – especially for the weanling market,” he said.

“They’re lovely shaped calves at about 7-8 months old, and a lot of his progeny would go for export. The Fiston progeny are easily finished and don’t grow into massive cattle. They can be finished younger and they flesh-up easier and have good carcasses.”

Continuing, the Co. Cavan-based cattle breeder said that the bull has “very good indexes”.

“He is one of the few bulls that ticks both [terminal and maternal] boxes”.

Concluding, the Irish Charolais Cattle Society’s secretary told Agriland that Lapon is one to watch for the future and noted that the bull will likely grow significantly in popularity among commercial breeders also.

“Lapon is doing the same job as Fiston. He is easy calving and his progeny are growing into good cattle at a young age,” he said

While the bulls that made the list are the most popular among commercial breeders, many pedigree breeders tend to go for other bulls on their cows to focus on further improving different traits within the breed.