The West of Ireland Registered Pedigree Suffolk Sheep Breeders Club will hold its annual premier show and sale for the 51st time this Saturday (August 6) at Roscommon Mart.

Over 60 lots will be on offer at the sale, which will commence at 11:00a.m with the sale immediately after the show at 1.30p.m.

The 2022 show will be judged by renowned Northern Ireland Breeder Alaister Barkley of the Blackbrae Flock, who made waves at the Suffolk Northern Ireland premier sale in July.

Speaking ahead of the sale, the club said: “The success of the 2021 sale was phenomenal, with it achieving a 95% clearance and a new club record top price of €2,500.

“However, the commercial trade was the focus of the sale, and demand was huge, with over 90% of animals heading into the commercial sector at an average of €671.”

The club focuses on producing top-quality Suffolks from some of the best genetics available in both Ireland and the UK.

“Members focus on breeding excellent quality pedigree rams with the requirements of the commercial breeder always to the fore,” the club said.

“There will be a large number of €uro-Star rams put forward including five-star/five-star and five-star/four-star.

“The club is affiliated to the Suffolk Sheep Society South of Ireland and operates under an approved Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine Pedigree Breeding Programme, which means all animals forward for sale carry Zootechnical Certification.”