Varying supplies of sheep on offer were reported from sales around the west of Ireland last week. According to reports prices for hogget’s held firm on previous weeks.

Mountbellew’s reported that due to poor weather conditions its fourth sale of the year saw smaller numbers compared to previous sales. Despite this the mart reported a firm trade for all hoggets on offer, especially for fleshy types. Smaller number of stag ewes on offer met with slight improvement on previous week.

Sample prices included: 11 weather hoggets 52.50kg made €106.50, Six ewe hoggets 53kgs made €110.50, Six ewe hoggets 48kg made €104.50, 15 weather hoggets 38kgs made €83, nine ewe hoggets 44.50kgs made €95 and 12 hoggets rams 39.50kgs made €84.50,

Stag ewes met with slightly improved trade in Mountbellew with prices ranging from €55 to €87.50.

In terms of lambed and inlamb ewes, one first crop ewe with twin lambs at foot made €195.00 and a pen of seven first crop ewes due to lamb in March caring three, twins and four singles made €130.00.

Roscommon reported that there was an increase in the numbers of sheep on offer this week. It noted that prices for Hoggets were slightly improved on the previous week, while the trade for Cast Ewes were a little easier.

Sample Prices:

Ewe Hoggets 49.30kgs made €105, 45kgs made €96, 50.30kgs made €109, 57kgs made €110.

Weather Hoggets :52.70kgs made €110, 47.50kgs made €103, 54.90kgs made €110, 57.80kgs made €111, 42.36kgs made €93, 51.90kgs made €102,

Cast Ewes made from €40 to €82

Breeding Ewes lambing from to Mid-February to early March made from €100 to €130 per head

Raphoe reported at its recent sheep sale store lambs were making €25 to €49 over the weight. Factory lambs made €42 to €60 over the weight. Prices for butcher lambs were at €31 to €62 over the weight. Fat ewes varied from €60 to €95 each

Maam Cross in county Mayo reported that Weather Hoggets making €45 to €73. Cross bred Lambs averaged €30 to €68 with a top price of €80. Blackface Ewes inlamb averaged €45 to €63 with Black Face w/ram Lambs averaging €28 to €58 a head